Customized Learning for Teams and Groups

Our custom workshops and retreats are designed to bring out the best in your people, so they can contribute most effectively to the team, and to develop team members’ understanding of the essential elements of a successful team. We use the latest research to customize workshops, retreats and processes to support your team to identify and implement strategies designed to increase engagement, innovation, effectiveness and productivity.


Research in education and brain-based learning theory indicates that experiential education is the most effective method for accelerating meaningful behavioural change and skill development. When we learn through experience, inquiry, critical thinking and interaction, our insight is more likely to lead to perspective shifts that will change our behaviour in a meaningful and lasting manner.

Our experiential methodology creates such environments through challenge, social interaction, reflection, and active participation – all necessary components of an effective change process. Participants are given tasks and challenges requiring them to find new ways of doing things, to think differently about how to achieve success and collaborate as a member of an effective team.

What Do Our Customized Experiences Look Like?

Customized challenges and experiences may take place at a conference room table, at an outdoors ropes course, on a sailboat, or in the great room of your own private inn. We will customize an experience that fits best with your group’s goals and budget, and facilitate a process that enables participants to learn from the experience through insight into themselves, each other and their organization, and to take action to make positive, effective and lasting change.

Whether you are a work team, a board of directors or other group which needs to work effectively together as a team, Winding Path Inc. will work with you to create a customized program of fun, meaningful and unique experiences designed to deliver challenge, growth and re-connection that will change your concept of what is possible.