Transformative Learning

Research tells us the human brain is poorly designed for linear instruction and functions best in rich, complex, and multi-sensory environments that allow us to identify patterns and make meaning of experiences.
When we learn through experience, inquiry, critical thinking and interaction with other learners, our insight is more likely to be transformational. In order for learners to change their beliefs, attitudes, and reactions, they must engage in critical reflection on their experiences, which in turn leads to perspective transformation. The opportunity for this kind of reflection occurs infrequently in our busy lives.

Our experiential methodology creates such environments through challenge, social interaction, reflection, and active participation – all necessary components of an effective change process.

Transformative learning involves experiencing a deep, structural shift in our basic thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is a shift of consciousness that dramatically and irreversibly alters our way of being in the world. Such a shift involves our understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others.

This type of learning requires taking risks, and a willingness to be vulnerable and have one’s attitudes and assumptions challenged.

Participants in Winding Path Inc. programs are given challenges requiring them to find more effective ways of doing things, to identify barriers to success, and create goal-oriented action plans. The breakthrough thinking that often occurs is the key to a change in self-concept and, ultimately, transformation.