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Life changing. Check.

It’s a wonderful thing when people come to your program and leave changed. It feels incredible to be part of their journey to create a truly fulfilling life for themselves. We have been blessed to work with some wonderful women who deserve to have their best lives (like we all do) and feel fortunate to… Read more »

Are you living your best life?

LIVING YOUR POTENTIAL in work and in life: a winding path inc. program for Women “This was definitely the best program that I’ve ever attended, and I have attended many. It was life-changing for me, so saying that it was a good investment of time and money, would be putting it mildly.” winding path inc. is… Read more »

Living Your Potential

winding path inc. is offering a powerful three day learning experience in Charlottetown from April 8-10, during which participants will gain insights to break through barriers to make the mind‑set changes necessary to reach their personal and professional potential. This confidential transformational learning workshop is designed to help participants move past self‑limiting thoughts and patterns of… Read more »