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One Simple Way to Insert Regular Meaningful Conversation Into Your Life

  winding path inc. is all about authentic conversation, and once people have a healing dose of that in one of our programs, or through individual coaching, the masks most of us wear that prevent honest dialogue in our real life become starkly apparent. Through the masks, we talk about the weather, the project, our… Read more »

Are you living your best life?

LIVING YOUR POTENTIAL in work and in life: a winding path inc. program for Women “This was definitely the best program that I’ve ever attended, and I have attended many. It was life-changing for me, so saying that it was a good investment of time and money, would be putting it mildly.” winding path inc. is… Read more »

Make it a HAPPIER New Year: follow through on commitments to yourself

Most of us have experienced the impact of someone breaking a commitment they’ve made to us. Trust and respect for them was diminished, right? So why would it be any different when we break a commitment we’ve made to ourselves? When we don’t follow through on commitments to ourselves it has a profoundly negative impact… Read more »