Re-Affirming Positive Change: Alumni Workshop

Lasting change generally requires new behavior and beliefs, dedicated effort and experiencing slip-backs until your new behavior is more automatic. It isn’t easy!

After your Winding Path program, most of you made changes you’re proud of and excited about. Some of them stuck and maybe some of them didn’t – and that’s totally normal.  This Winding Path Alumni Workshop is an opportunity to do a little bit of a re-boot, taking some time to consider whether and why you might be stuck in some places and if not, inspire others and yourself by acknowledging the changes that have made a difference for you.

Invest in yourself and reconnect with other past participants of Winding Path programs by taking time during this half day workshop to:

  • celebrate big and little positive changes you have made; and
  • identify what you would like to change, but haven’t.

Leave re-energized, reconnected and recommitted to taking action toward positive change.


Re-Affirming Positive Change: A Winding Path Alumni Workshop

September 30, 2016

12:45 registration

1:00 – 4:30 workshop

Murphy’s Community Centre, Room 207

Re-Affirming Change