One-on-One Planning & Accountability Program

We all have dreams, things we’d like to accomplish, goals we’d like to reach.  Sometimes (lots of times) life gets in the way of our good intentions and many of those goals get sidelined. Sometimes we look back at the year and become frustrated we let that happen. Over time, we may let the dreams go and convince ourselves they’re unattainable.

We don’t want you to do that this year!

Sure, some goals may not be right for us in the stage of life we find ourselves in. Some might even be downright wrong for us, something we feel we should do because of outside pressure. But some goals, the ones that matter the most, are possible.  Maybe even imperative.

We want you to reach those goals that feed you and make living joyous. And we can increase the chances you’ll reach them by 85%.

Research indicates the likelihood of reaching a goal is:

  • 10% if you have an idea or a goal
  • 25% if you consciously decide you will do it
  • 40% if you decide when you will do it
  • 50% if you plan how you will do it
  • 65% if you commit to someone you will do it
  • 95% if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to

When you have a thoughtfully designed personal action plan that takes self-care and energy maintenance into account and combine that with support to learn the skills required and accountability in taking steps, big change can happen quickly.

Realistic Monthly Sprints That Lead to Long Term Change

Our Planning and Accountability Program is a highly personalized individual program focused on supporting you to create a work and personal life you love. Because our process involves helping you to identify and stay accountable to realistic short-term actions that move you towards your big goals, the overwhelm of making big change is reduced and made manageable.

You’ll begin the program by completing a comprehensive planning document to provide information to us about your current situation, your dreams and your aspirations. The questions in the planning document are designed to help you reflect deeper on your personal and work-related goals and will support us to prepare for our work together.

During our first call, we will help you clarify the optimal place to begin and by the end of our hour together, you’ll have identified some action steps to take in the month ahead.

We will follow up each call by emailing a brief summary of the action steps you commit to.  The hour-long calls will typically be scheduled monthly and will include a check in on the action steps from the previous month, support to identify learnings from the action taken and analysis of appropriate next steps to move you toward your goals. These monthly sprints may include high impact actions or baby steps, whatever works for you and your schedule. Some actions may be steps toward something you want to accomplish, others may be steps you need to take to uncover what you need to make a consistent part of your life in order to have the energy to achieve sustainable personal and career success. Over time, the realistic and impactful monthly goals you reach will help you create the life and work you want in the longer term.

Supported Planning and Action

During the program, you will receive full support to move through our personal strategic planning process:

  • to develop realistic monthly action plans that move you towards your long term success;
  • to address challenging roadblocks as they arise;
  • to shift mindsets or behaviours getting in the way of taking action;
  • to identify new behaviours and habits that will move you towards your goals;
  • to update or add to your long term goals as circumstances change, or as new insights and personal and professional growth occur;
  • for support with follow-through and accountability when natural slip-backs occur;
  • for support with problem or conflict solving; and
  • for encouragement to continually move towards achieving your best life.

Program Fees

You can choose the program that’s right for you from 2 months to 12 months (services are not provided in July, August or December).  The programs include: initial comprehensive planning document assessment, monthly one-hour phone call and short planning summary provided following the call. All sessions must be for paid in advance and fees for each program are:

  • $700 plus hst for two-month program;
  • $1800 plus hst for six-month program;
  • $3000 plus hst for twelve-month program.

If you are business owner or manager, you may be eligible for funding to cover a portion of the cost. You can find more information HERE.