One Simple Way to Insert Regular Meaningful Conversation Into Your Life


winding path inc. is all about authentic conversation, and once people have a healing dose of that in one of our programs, or through individual coaching, the masks most of us wear that prevent honest dialogue in our real life become starkly apparent. Through the masks, we talk about the weather, the project, our family vacation, the news, even deep and personal things, like the serious illness our mother has. But we don’t often, if ever, talk about our fears, examine together what brings us true joy, discuss our struggles to be the people we want to be, or have the life we want to have. When we have relationships that allow for those real conversations, our authentic selves feel cared for and we thrive and grow towards, and within, that life we want.


I saw a blog post on Facebook today with ideas to connect with friends beyond coffee and drink dates. One of the ideas was an Articles Club (a book club but with articles instead). The potential for spurring authentic conversation seems apparent, especially if the group were to follow the reflective model we use in experiential education to support participants to examine and make meaning and use of experience: what? so what? now what?


In thinking about how to apply that reflective model to an Articles Club gathering, I imagined the following questions could be useful as a bit of a loose (and transformative) agenda:

1 what did the article say/how did you feel when you were reading it?

2 how does that apply to my life/what insight does that give me about myself/my situation?

3 what will I do with that insight/what changes will I make as a result?


For those who want to give it a go, the Yes and Yes blog post above suggests finding some discussion-worthy articles here. I’d love to hear if you decide to give this a try, and how it impacts. Send us the articles that resonated most deeply!



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