Registration for Leadership Development Program for Women in Politics


This is the registration page for participants of all cohorts (both those selected to participate in the non-partisan cohort and those representing their party in a cohort.)  Please click on the button below and send us your registration details by the date indicated in your welcome email. You will find the waiver you are required to sign in order to participate in the ropes course component of the program here: Waiver Leadership Dev Program for Women in Politics. Please print and sign it and bring it with you on the first day your cohort meets.


We also ask that you read the following welcome letter, as it includes important details regarding the program (including what to wear and where to go for the ropes course session!). Click the following link for a Message to Participants.








Cohort Schedules:

Green Party Cohort

Liberal Party Cohort

Combination Non-Partisan/NDP Party Cohort

PC Party Cohort

Non-Partisan Cohort