Leadership Development Program for Women in Politics Project Summary

Winding Path Inc. is pleased to be partnering with the Coalition for Women in Government and Women’s Network PEI on the Engaging Island Women in Political Action Project, with funding from Status of Women Canada. While our partners work with party executives to support the identification and development of actions that will help parties to increase the involvement of women, and the coordination of a Provincial Symposium in May 2018, Winding Path Inc. has designed and is delivering a year-long Leadership Development Program to up to 100 women from all parties, as well as non-partisan women.


The program is designed to enhance and increase leadership skills and provide opportunities for participants to identify and realize personal goals within the democratic process, either as elected representatives or organizers.


We currently have 5 cohorts of 5-10 women engaged in our first year of programming, which runs from April 2017 to March 2018. Beginning in the new year, we will be working with our partners and the Green, Liberal, NDP and PC parties to identify up to 10 women each to participate in the second and final year of programming. At the same time, we’ll begin the application process to select 10 women to participate in the 2018-2019 non-partisan cohort.


Program Components

The program focuses on increasing leadership skills, including collaboration, problem solving, communication, strategic action planning and a special gender and diversity analysis skills training delivered by Women’s Network PEI. It begins with a 2-day customized version of Winding Path’s successful leadership development program. This program is designed to challenge and support participants to realize their personal and professional potential.

Each cohort meets monthly for skills building, strategic action planning and identifying ways to support other members of their cohort to work towards goal achievement.


The program is designed for women who:

  • are active members of a registered PEI political party, or non-partisan women active in the democratic life of PEI, as elected representatives or organizers 
  • are interested in increasing or developing leadership skills
  • have held a coordination or management role within their political party or have some experience in non-partisan political life in PEI
  • want to increase their capacity to take on responsibility within their party or within the democratic life of PEI, either as elected representatives or political organizers


Program Outcomes

  • increased personal and professional effectiveness
  • improved communication skills
  • increased resiliency and persistence in the face of change and uncertainty
  • improved collaboration and problem solving skills
  • improved ability to manage stress
  • increased understanding of gender and diversity analysis