Intentional Focus: Essential Leadership Skills for the Workplace

During Intentional Focus you will learn and develop essential skills and behaviours to:

  • manage and reduce conflict,
  • plan and solve problems collaboratively,
  • increase your productivity and energy,
  • communicate so your needs and ideas are understood,
  • handle stress so you are at your best when it matters most, and
  • grow your confidence to take on challenges you never thought possible.

You will leave this program filled with a new sense of possibility and the ability to make it happen… 

What participants say about Intentional Focus:

For the first time in a long time I feel excited about the future.”

“Before taking Intentional Focus, I was experiencing a lot of self-doubt and was allowing other people’s behaviour to negatively influence my own. I wanted to be more confident, clear-headed, and focused, not only in my work but also at home with family and friends. And now I am.

I am now working out every week, eating better, getting more sleep, approaching conflict directly with an open mind (and a few deep breaths), and doing my best to recharge away from the screen. I am focusing on what makes me feel good now and in the longer term.

I’ve taken on a new challenge as a result of the program and it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m so amazed that something I thought I could never do, I’m actually doing!”

Intentional Focus gave me the confidence to take on new challenges. I applied for and was successful in obtaining a new role with my employer even before the end of the program. It gave me the confidence to take on more challenges both personally and professionally and a desire to continue to grow and develop my skills. I now continue to look for new opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

“Before Intentional Focus I was tired a lot and felt spread very thin from the constant barrage of priorities, issues, demands and to do lists. As a result of the program, I am developing and enhancing skills that leave me feeling at the top of my game, calm and in control. The influx of information and demands has not changed, however, my ability to manage it and to maintain, and even increase, my productivity has! I am going forward with a much better awareness of what I can do to maintain clear, intentional focus and achieve all my goals.”

Be part of this great experience!

Fully Leverage Your Skills and Talent

Time and energy management, productivity, communication, problem-solving, conflict management, and collaboration skills are more important in determining success and satisfaction among similarly trained colleagues than academic knowledge or technical skills. Without these crucial behavioural skills, we are unable to fully leverage our education, talent, and experience in a sustainable manner. It is amazing what happens when you do!

The Program          (Email [email protected] to register or register below. Enrolment limited.) 

During Intentional Focus you will learn and develop these essential skills and behaviours. You will also increase your energy, emotional happiness, mental focus, and sense of meaning and purpose in life. And you will have fun doing it!

You will also be encouraged and supported during Intentional Focus to take on a challenge that will change your perspective of what you are capable of, and you will test behaviour which will lay the foundation for your continued success.


You will attend seven full-day group sessions from 8:45 am to 4 pm, and you will test new behavior in between sessions. Lunch is on your own from approximately 12-1 pm. 

Please email [email protected] to reserve your spot.

The dates are:

  1. Thurs, Jan 28, 2021 – storm date Jan 29;
  2. Thurs, March 4, 2021 – storm date March 5;
  3. Thurs, April 8, 2021;
  4. Thurs, May 13, 2021; 
  5. Thurs, June 17, 2021;
  6. Thurs, Sept 16, 2021;
  7. Thurs, Oct 14, 2021.

Participation in all sessions of the program is required for maximum impact and benefit, so please schedule all dates (including storm dates) as soon as you register.

Should you have a group of colleagues who wish to book out an Intentional Focus program just for your team, please contact Karolyn at [email protected]


Research in education and brain-based learning theory indicates that experiential education is the most effective method for accelerating meaningful behavioural change and skill development. When we learn through experience, inquiry, critical thinking, and interaction, our insight is more likely to lead to perspective shifts that will change our behaviour in a meaningful and lasting manner.

Program Outcomes

  • increased resiliency and persistence in the face of change and uncertainty
  • increased productivity
  • improved collaboration and problem-solving skills
  • reduced conflict
  • improved attitude and motivation to become part of solution-finding
  • improved communication skills
  • improved ability to manage distractions and procrastination
  • improved ability to manage stress
  • improved health and wellness

For more information about outcomes: Program Learning Objectives

Program Cost

Registration Fee is $1695 plus hst and includes all materials and a light morning and afternoon snack. Enrolment is limited, so register soon. This is a small group program. Registration assured upon payment.

Funding Support

If you are an employee, owner or manager of a private-sector business, you may be eligible for program funding. You can find more information HERE.

This work-related training is covered by most public and private sector training and development funds. Employers recognize the work-related value of Intentional Focus and often financially support their employees to attend.

You can register below or by contacting Karolyn at [email protected]