What if I can’t attend all of the dates?

Participation in all program components is necessary to achieve program outcomes. We strongly encourage participants to carve out this time for yourself and your cohort. If you know in advance you are unable to attend one or more of the program components, and wish to consult with trainers about the impacts of missing a particular date, please contact us at [email protected] The initial 2 days at the ropes course is a crucial component of the program. If you are unable to attend the full 2 days, we advise you to wait for the following year’s program.

Please note: we will respond to any inquiries as quickly as possible, however, when we are running training programs there are periods when are not able to respond to inquiries as quickly as we would like.


Will I get a Professional Development Certificate I can add to my resume?

A certificate for 40 hours of professional development training (Leadership Development) from Winding Path Inc. will be awarded at the end of the program.

These dates are during my regular work hours. How can I get my employer’s approval to come?

While the focus of the program is taking political action, the skills developed during this leadership development training will enhance workplace performance, at no cost to your employer. Employers often pay for their employees to attend our leadership development programs and participants in our programs consistently report outcomes that are valuable to employers, including:

  • improved mental focus;
  • greater engagement;
  • increased desire to take responsibility and action in problem-solving; and
  • increased personal and professional effectiveness.

For a PDF of program outcomes you can share with your employer, CLICK HERE: Information for Employers

Please note: For safety reasons, policy at the ropes course precludes pregnant women from wearing a harness and doing the high climb, around which the first two days of the program center. There may be other medical or physical conditions which make the high climb or certain low ropes activities unsafe. Should you have other medical conditions or limitations which may impact the safety of your participation, please be advised that you are responsible to ensure your participation is the right choice for you by seeking advice from a suitably qualified medical practitioner.  Participants unable to safely climb will take on support roles during that portion of the program.  All who choose to participate are required to sign a waiver at the beginning of the program in order to permitted to proceed.

What is the cost of this program?

With the generous support of Status of Women Canada, there is no financial cost to participate. This program has a value for individual participants of $1800.

What if travel and care giving costs make participating a barrier for me?

We have a small pot of money available to support travel and care-giving costs for women for whom they are a barrier to participating. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

What is the confidentiality commitment from cohort facilitators/coordinators, Winding Path Inc.?

Should you decide to register, you agree that:

Upon registration for the Leadership Development Program for Women in Government, Winding Path Inc. will provide your name and email address to project partners Women’s Network PEI and the PEI Coalition for Women in Politics so that those organizations can contact you directly to share details of additional events open to cohorts and other project stakeholders and request information that supports evaluation of the project, which we require for our funders, Status of Women Canada. In addition, Winding Path Inc. is required to share project evaluation information with our funders and our project partners, PEI Coalition for Women in Government and Women’s Network PEI, and will do so in a de-identified way that focuses on themes across all cohorts. No information will be shared that identifies individual participants or political parties.

Other than the above and the fact that you are participating in the Leadership Development Program for Women in Politics, which information is not confidential, Winding Path Inc. facilitators will treat and protect all other information that you share with them as part of the Leadership Development Program for Women in Politics as confidential, unless you agree otherwise in writing or they are legally required to release information.

Winding Path Inc. facilitators will also be asking all participants to keep all identifying information about other participants confidential, however, we cannot provide a guarantee with regard to participants’ actions nor can we provide a guarantee in connection with information you share with other organizations, including your political party.

You can find the confidentiality of commitment of our project partners PEI Coalition for Women in Government and Women’s Network PEI HERE.