Don’t Dwell on Past Poop

I took a walk on the trails at Greenwich National Park today, to map out a plan for a reflection walk we’ll be sending our retreat participants on next weekend. My husband and 10 year old son, Eddie, came with me. As we walked alongside the gorgeous St. Peter’s Bay, listening to the birds, and anticipating our first view of the ocean, Eddie pointed out some poop on the trail. He walked backwards, facing us to make sure we saw where he was pointing. Before he could turn around to face the way we were headed, he walked into more poop.

As an experiential facilitator, I see metaphors everywhere, even in poop:

If you’re only looking at the poop in your past, you won’t know when you’re about to walk into a new pile. 

Use the memory of the old poop to help you avoid it on the path ahead, yes, but don’t put all of your focus there or you won’t know there’s new poop until you step in it.

What poop are you still dwelling on? Is it keeping you from recognizing a new poop-free path?

~ posted by Kirstin

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