Big Goals for 2016? Take Smaller Steps to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Achievement

Turn your New Year’s Resolutions into an action plan. Baby steps are less overwhelming and more likely to propel you towards your ultimate goal.

goal settingFor example, instead of leaving it at a high level goal of “write a self-help book”, break that goal out into smaller steps and give them a simple and achievable timeline. So, jot down a first easy step you’ll do in week one (maybe, “ask for advice about a good resource for non-fiction book writing”), then the next week (“purchase/seek out the best resource”), and the next (“read the resource on book writing and take notes about the steps”), and the next week (“brainstorm chapter/section ideas”), and so on.

Ensuring the first step is easy will make it doable, so you’ll be more likely to take it, and experiencing that accomplishment will inspire you to keep going.

Here’s to an action-packed 2016.

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