Re-defining Happy Hour: The Benefits of Being Real

real talk, not small talk…

The quality of our social connections is one of the primary indicators of our well-being and happiness. Social media has helped us expand the number of people we connect to, and even become friends with, but we’ve decreased our face to face conversations. Seeing in someone’s eyes that they ‘get’ us, building on each other’s energy and passion, being real with each other, spending more time laughing out loud than lol’ing – there’s no substitute for the great feeling we get when we have real face to face conversation. We leave energized, with deeper connections and feeling focused.  So winding path inc. is Redefining Happy Hour by bringing women together for real conversation about topics relevant to women’s happiness, over a glass of whatever you feel like sipping on. You’ll leave every Redefining Happy Hour event feeling connected, energized, and with insight and a little resolve about how to turn ‘happy hour’ into ‘happy life’.


The Benefits of Being Real

Are there times you feel like you’re wearing a mask? Do you hide pieces of yourself from people you interact with everyday?

Join us in our next Re-defining Happy Hour when we talk about how being the real you can free up energy to fuel your creativity and passion, and attract a network of genuinely supportive, uplifting colleagues and friends. In addition to enjoying some real conversation and building connections, you’ll spend some time planning actions you can apply immediately to move forward.


July 28, 4:15 – 6:30

Piatto, 45 Queen St, Charlottetown

$30 plus hst

Note: Tickets will not be available at the door. Please register in advance.